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Behind-the-wheel lessons & training

We Offer Driver's Education classes, driving lessons, DMV service, and Traffic School.

Behind the Wheel

 Our Driving Lessons Are Taught One On One * We Are Very Patient and Experienced.

We offer this high quality service to applicants of all ages, we are equipped with automatic transmission Dual Control brake & gas pedal system, it helps you learn faster we pick you up and drop you off at home/work after every lesson. We offer a comprehensive, entertainment traffic violator’s school for adults and teens. By attending South Gate Driving & Traffic School

it will help to keep your driving record clean, which will prevent your insurance rates from being adversely affected. California state law requires that you complete at least 8 hours of traffic school. At the end of the class you will receive a certificate of completion. Us making the appointment, picking you up an hour before, giving you 45 minutes of practice before the test, and lastly taking you to your exam. We are the leading Driving School based on Cudahy, CA. We have over 30 years in the business of teaching people how to drive. This is a family owned business and we treat everyone that comes to our doors like family. Our Mission is to live in a world where motorist can all get along, where nobody should fear stepping in a vehicle.

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This online driver education course is designed to present 30 hours of instructional material (the state-required minimum). However, the course is broken into manageable, easy-to-digest lessons, and the system remembers your progress if you sign out.

We Work 7 Days A Week & Will Schedule An Appointment That Is Convenient for Your Schedule.

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